Lost in a supermarket and ruminating thoughts

Several days ago I was listening to a radio program about people with eating disorders having to visit the local supermarket for products they needed to cook a meal. The reason behind this was therapy to get them eating again and home cooking was part of it. The speaker went on to talk about how people went into a meltdown over not finding the right butter along with not being able to find other products. I actually thought this was funny as I am always asked where similar products are though I do tend to brush off people’s fears of not finding things. I actually do laugh at them and wonder if there would be people who would actually burst into tears after I walk off. I don’t worry about this as I nearly always tell the people it is a common problem that people cannot find the pastry as it’s in the freezer right behind them. I cant remember if it was an article about Fiona Wright on ABC Radio National or someone else. I will find that show and place it as a link

Another ruminating thought was about a post from a friend I seen a few months ago that I thought would be wise not to comment on as I would make many people angry or very upset. It was about an encounter in a Post office with a guy who the poster thought was on the autism spectrum. They wanted to go back and have a discussion with them and maybe their boss due to the person’s attitude. My thoughts to the situation would be to place myself into that person’s shoes and imagine what their reaction would be towards a complete stranger telling me that I have this or that. My answer would basically be to crush the person and not be very pleasant at all. Sure advocates mean well, but there is only so far they should step over the mark and I believe approaching someone might not be best for anyone especially if you have no idea about their background.

The person in the shop would recognise the advocate person when they come in again and might have warned other people who work there. You never know what story might have been said or created that will make you feel very uncomfortable. They might refuse to serve you completely handing you to someone else. My advice before approaching a complete stranger and asking them within a work place environment is to understand you might open yourself up to being targeted verbally, Even if you are the worlds best advocate it might not be appropriate, Your safety should be your primary concern as you never know how someone is going to react. I am not saying what the advocate person is doing a bad job, but sometimes the job could become all consuming and think that everyone needs help.

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