Walking on Eggshells

Over the weekend something happened that raised an eyebrow and kind of surprised me a little. I usually have a bit of witty banter going on between myself and several others in the workplace. Someone who was working with me at the time knows about myself having Aspergers now called Autism Spectrum Condition or just Brad (Can I call it Bob?) and he was teasing me due to having a brain fade while getting some milk from out the back. He was singing ‘If only I had a brain’ as in the Scarecrow song from Wizard of Oz. He then apologised straight away thinking I was insulted due to those words. I laughed and said not insulted at all and proceeded to pay myself out. I did say this though.

“The brain eating Zombies would see me and starve”.

To me the problem with this is people should be relaxed and not have to worry about how others would take what is said. The people I work with have known me for a while and my witty remarks though the guy I was working with at the time is a recent addition to a friend on Facebook and isnt bothered by the Aspergers stuff especially when he has read my Aspie type blogs and maybe my other blogs hopefully. What I do not want is people walking on eggshells hoping the wrong word wont upset or humiliate the other person. This is the very reason I am happy not to say anything in the workplace about aspergers or being on the autism spectrum as people would start treating you like you are different. I mean there are people who want to be treated differently from everyone else, but that is their decision and not mine. I know some people might read this and think I should be treated differently and that the other people are being bullies of some sort.

The thing is I want to be treated like everyone else as the days have long gone since I had a case officer through the employment agency when I first started am my place of employment over 8 years ago. I do want to give as good as I get given. I want the random questions to be thrown at me and people to just be themselves. I am sure that having a reputation as a hard worker will make people know that you are there for a purpose and at the same time hold a conversation of sorts or joke even when you have to be serious.

Random questions like this one.
“If you were a biscuit, which one would you be?”
Me: “An Oreo as I am sweet on the inside”
Other person walks away laughing not expecting the answer I had given.

I do this all the time including making fun of other people where I do tend to get high fives instead of punched in the face. People have asked how I can say something, when they would get into trouble such as my calling the cleaning products aisle the woman’s aisle, although there are friends who will point out that is actually the chocolate aisle. I even tell people in person who are from the country that they should play the banjo. They all do give me a hard time too, but there are people who would not understand what is going on. I believe if you have known someone in the workplace long enough then you know where the boundaries actually are with each person. I do not know if we today are focused on individuals as to how the group wants to be treated or take everything individually. I do brush people off and treat them mostly the same.

Recently I was prayed with deodorant when I was talking about not having any in my locker
“Why did you spray me?’
“Your attitude stinks, but you smell wonderful”
“I am getting lucky tonight?”
Or someone carrying buns who works in a bakery and happens to be female.
“Put those buns in the oven”. That can be taken any way you like.

Sure I can be a joker in the workplace, but I am serious as well so get the job done nearly all the time. The workplace can be a great big family that can be like an organism that is moving to complete the job at hand. We have people who have different personalities so you may encounter people who are very different. I am glad I don’t say anything to the marine rescue about Aspergers as they might panic and treat me differently though they do know I might be slower than other people sometimes and do ask questions. I am happy for being me and that is one that likes being treated the same or else I become suspicious as to why you maybe holding back if you hadn’t in the past. I do walk that fine line sometimes, but know when I might go a little too far.

The really funny thing about the Scarecrow song about brains was Wizard of Oz happened to be on TV that night. That was the original version and I enjoyed watching it again, but don’t tell anyone that I was enjoying the movie or else I will sing, ‘If only I had a brain’. That scarecrow is actually into organ harvesting along with walking through eggshells. Everyones experiences are different be it in public or in the workplace. We all shouldn’t have to think the same as everyone, but be individuals without people being worried about offending us instead of the other way round.

2 thoughts on “Walking on Eggshells

  1. You are a good chap, Brad! I do agree that walking on eggshells does not make for a pleasant social environment at all. And I too feel eggshells ought not to be strewn all over the pathway to social interaction. However, he was right to apologise and make sure you were not offended. It should not be a given that the person who is the subject of a joke, no matter how mild or well meaning, is not going to be offended – whether autistic, otherwise neurodiverse, with physical disabilities, or neurotypical etc whatever. People may or may not have underlying fears, PTSD etc issues, so it is right to be careful with our tongues. I have put my foot in it a few times myself, babbling something that was harmless to me, but offended the other person, because I was unaware of the person’s issues. Your colleague did the right thing, he sounds like a kind person. 🙂

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