The roads less travelled – Hit the road Jack

Usually this time of year means I would have left on a huge adventure that includes the one ring to rule them all and nasty little Hobbits. When university finishes for the year, I am usually off on one of my trips to New Zealand. This year I decided to leave my plans fester for a little bit longer. My original plan was to leave in November right after the ACDC concert, but it would mean I end up back at work two weeks into the mad rush before Christmas since I work in retail. I could hand the madness that is Christmas in the shops, but extra work in that time period means I don’t want to miss out or I could still be in holiday mode.

The best thought was to head overseas in the New Year in the middle of January. I had drawn up a plan, but since it was school holidays other people were wanting to spend time with their kids. I was happy to compromise in this way as I had no real plans. After some discussion I put in new travel plans and will head to New Zealand and one place I want to see during New Zealand’s national day and that is Waitangi Day. I know I will have enough holidays being owed to me by this time and I might even come home with some holidays left over. That is something I wont know until it is closer to when I leave. I do leave straight after work to get to the airport though I will have a shower before leaving and that day will be crazy and stressful at the same time. I will be at Waitangi where the treaty was signed in 1840. I have no idea what the events of the day will be like, but I wanted to make sure everything was booked as I know the towns might be booked out. I am heading to other places that I have not spent a large amount of time at other than on the bus. I rely on the bus and that means I need to find somewhere to stay that is in walking distance.

I will be away for around 25 days and that means I will be on the road. I make sure I have my places to stay and transport sorted before leaving, but not all plans are set in stone. There is still plenty of time to figure out where I want to go. I have chosen 8 places including New Plymouth and Te Kuiti. I think I must have travelled quite a bit of New Zealand by now and seen many places that people do not usually travel too as they are not always tourist destinations. Even tougher finding accommodation if you are not aware that you are heading to a small town. I tend to do my own thing and stay away from most people as I have an interest in some of the touristy sights and the history too. I always seem to take many photos, but that is a good thing too. Something to use in my blogs that will keep the natives happy who like pictures. We shall see what happens closer to the time. This will be the latest or earliest depending on your view that I have headed off on a decent holiday. I am not even sure how hot it will be in New Zealand, but I would have done the research by the time I have left.

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