Mislaid humour or Male privilege? The beast within

Mislaid humour or Male privilege. The beast within

Yesterday I posted the usual funny posts in regards to the rugby league grand final as you do when you know what is going on. It was the Brisbane Broncos verse the North Queensland Cowboys and one of my posts seemed to rile up a random person who told me to check my male privilege. The post was a picture of the Brisbane Broncos 2016 jersey, which is a dress. In some places especially where I live Rugby League is as close as you would get to religion if not closer. I thought it was hilariously funny having lived around footy nearly all my life even though I don’t truly follow the game other than end of season stuff. The comment is below.

So they lost and will have to wear a jersey that’s clearly a dress because they’re girls? Because they lost? Check your male privilege….

I found this comment to be interesting if not really out there out of the way from what I had ever seen. A comment like this has never before existed on my wall nor has it created a black hole as of yet. I do wonder if the person actually follows or understands sports while living in their precious ivory tower while being judgmental of other people. Now when you look up the difference between Male and female privilege there is a difference in what is Googled. I am trying to figure out what the Ivory Tower person is getting at. Male Privilege seems to be about things solely about being male and privilege that goes with it. Female Privilege on the other hand doesn’t have much about it other than what seems to be feminist type articles or a checklist that seems to be the complete opposite. To be honest both do not make very much sense at all. That brings me back to square one where I am still confused by the person’s logic. All I can say is the person regularly tells people what to think, but independent thought including humour does not seem to be welcome.

I do wonder if I had ignored the original post, which reminded me of Pauline Hanson’s words, but was shortened….. Explain.

That should have given me a big clue, but I just believe the person wants a fight, but got a shrug from me anyway that was really a brush off. I wonder what the response would be if I had posted the whip, Neigh, Neigh picture instead that had Smithers from The Simpsons as the Cowboys and a pink tutu guy looking like a horse for the Broncos. That was based on the song. Would it have caused an uproar? Have people today become so angry that they do not see anything funny anymore? Should people get their priorities straight? In my honest opinion the picture was meant to be funny and not offensive in any way unless you are one of the Brisbane Broncos or a fan of the game. It’s the usual sledging using internet memes that has grown. Maybe sometimes people have to step down and enjoy what other mer mortals are doing and relax. I have no answers, but I find it amusing how people don’t complain about the same type of posts when they see them. I figure they are the sort of people who like to post they are offended, but never really explain their intentions. Their comments actually end up offensive as they never explain why.

I could always say welcome to the internet. The bar is to your left and the library to your right.

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