Learning new skills and curiosity

Learning new skills and curiosity

I havnt been writing many blogs as of late as I had been really busy with studies and work. For university I had to write my own research assignment based on the probate records of a family member and then work out who would have inherited in the estate along with the value. It was an interesting assignment that led me down garden paths into bigger family mysteries.

For a while I have been wanting to try something new that might have some impacts on the future, which would be for the best. I have been wanting to buy shares without using a broker and have been wondering how I would go about this without having to pay large fees to do the job. I did some research as I wanted to make a purchase and was not sure if you needed some sort of account. I knew what I wanted to buy and at that stage the shares were really low after dropping quite a lot. I know the company and have done my research so know all about making a purchase.

After a little searching and some general confusion especially in regards to monthly fees to have an account although the websites never really answered my question about buying them. I spotted one of the major banks saying they did this sort of thing with investments. On looking at my bank, I found they actually did this and more. They should have been the first place I went looking to, but I had not even given them a thought. They did offer a free account and the only cost would be a small charge for buying investments. The paperwork took several days to clear and once I was able to access the new account, I was in business. What happens is you actually open two accounts. One that is linked with your other bank accounts and a separate account from the normal banking system where you can view anything in regards to shares and portfolios.

To make a purchase was simple enough as you needed to know how many units you wanted and for what cost. The system did work out how much your purchase was and then you could go from there. Once you worked out everything then you could make your purchase. Then you had to wait several days for it all to be approved and afterwards you are even told your profit from the original price. An advanced system that is easy to use. Buying and selling shares or other commodities might not be every person’s cup of tea and it is an interesting process. Everything I do is for the future like when people purchase a house or save through their superannuation. It all helps in some way and has the same goal in the end. If you want to try something new out then do the research and see where that leads you. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised as you may find an easier way around instead of chasing down the difficult route.

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