First time on radio for Brad, 2015 Positively Autistic

The last weekend of July in 2015, I was interviewed by Jeanette Purkis on her radio show Positively Autistic or Jeanettes autism Show. I am unsure if the link will be live for a long period of time, but we shall see and put it to the test to see what happens. I do not have the time to transcribe the entire one hour show. That is just crazy talk. Anyone else is welcome to do that task if they want to.

Being prerecorded for the radio show was not very difficult at all and I did enjoy it though I do tend to crack jokes. Maybe that is my inner Peter Parker coming out as Spider-Man. Apparently I have some sort of reputation, but I have only heard that from several people. I will point out several things I did not elaborate on or just make some corrections.

I went out of my comfort zone and found it to be interesting and fun to do. I just dont know how I would go talking to real live reporters. Think I would run for the hills.


I mention Gravesend cemetery when I was meant to say Highgate cemetery. I do like Gravesend too, but only visited a church for the statue of Pocahontas.


I do drink one or two though it sounded like I dont drink anymore.


I seemed to have forgotten mention what I am studying. I am doing a Bachelor in historical inquiry and Practice through University of New England in Armidale.

Australian Autism Asperger Network

I did say I micromanage the page, but I do look at all the comments to make sure people stay safe.

I might write a blog about pet hates though I do get annoyed at people when they tell others they know nothing about autism and start hounding them.

Last comments

The Yeah at the end was basically to say that I got a Monty Python reference in. Comfy chair anyone?

Positively Autistic, Jeanettes Radio Show, Brad Beadel Interview 2015–jeanettes-autism-show

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