When the going gets tough, the tough get fingerbuns

Within the last couple of weeks I have been trying to get my routine back under control after having a roster change at work. This does involve having other things occur at the same time like appointments and study at university coming back though in the last couple of weeks I had other life stuff get in the way of the study so partially routine and partially not. Courses that I have to attend as part of the marine rescue that take all day, which is all part of being a volunteer.

In some way after a year of working Sundays with my place of employment, I suddenly find myself with Sunday being free without much idea on what to exactly do. The good news is that one shift with the marine rescue takes its places as I was finding it a little rough to be on the boat for several hours on the Saturday morning only to rush off after several hours for work. I did find today to actually be relaxing. I was able to relax and get some training on although I had to suffer under the silence / strain of doing some knot work by doing a sheet bend that was really easy.

The Sunday shifts will be missed, dont get me wrong as it helped me pay off the Spyder that I had a loan on. It was a loan that was to be paid in around five years, but I was able to get rid of it in around two and a half. This on top of having hours increased this year at work and losing the DSP payments is really a great achievement. Its been four months since I had the last payment from Centrelink and I honestly do not miss the payments. I did get a snarky guy at the train station when I had to initialise my travel card with the concession card. I ignore the judging looks and have always done things on my merits and not because I have something or other. I like to prove myself.

There are reasons that rosters do change and I had made comments that I would like to have time on weekends to go back to spending a full day on the rescue boat as it was getting annoying trying to sort work out between both. I do have a Saturday shift at work where its an eight hour shift and then another four hour shift on the marine radios and that’s how I want them to be as not much always happen on a night shift. When on the boat I would start at 5am to get to the boat before 630am as I have a coffee there and spend around four hours there and head to work where I would finish at 10pm. I couldn’t get very much training done as I had to head elsewhere. Now it is easier with my days though I still have to organise myself a little better. The good news about the rosters is I only work one midnight shift a week where I finish at midnight. The manager is really happy with my work and I always get praised over the job I do, because I work hard and faster than some other people. When I had all midnight finishing shifts then they started becoming a little too much, but the roster changed as I wasn’t needed that late.

At the moment I am looking after the dog at home as mum is away on holidays. I do love having to take the pooch for a walk and hanging around with her though it keeps the feeling of loneliness away when there is no one else at home but you. I think the pooch gives me some motivation as I tend to get less motivated when others are not around, but it always works out. I don’t dwell on anything other than completing my tasks and the dog is good as she makes me have to go and exercise or else she will complain and bark letting me know she wants something. Think the very early starts of the last couple of mornings do get to us as I think I was a little frazzled the day before. 5am does seem to do that to you. The dog is better than a girlfriend, I guess as she doesnt complain too much. Not that being single is hard. I actually like it as then I dont have those connections though at times I would like a connection or two. Being single to me is comfortable and I buy myself stuff instead.

I have had the thought over the last couple of days about my study focus and what I write for essays. I do tend to find the concept of death fascination in regards to the customs and the changes that occurred over time. I already like wandering cemeteries to search out the history and the headstone designs though not done any research in that area, but you tend to find plenty about the locals. I learnt more about cemeteries from doing a course at the university I study at and while some people have called it weird and creepy, I do not think so. It is all part of the history of an area and you always find something interesting.

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