HSC School years: The lost years

HSC School years: The lost years

The HSC means, Higher School Certificate, which is the last two years of school in New South Wales, Australia. You can extend the ending if you do not want to do it over the two years.

I did love going to school and was not bullied that much though it was the other people who were in my group that I was in who were bullied. It was interesting to watch a group of people surround the one person they didn’t like and the ringleader spouts off their verbal stuff to appear tough and then walk off. I have no idea what sort of reputation I did actually have, but people seemed to know who I was, again they knew the people I was hanging around with who could all look after themselves. I did only ever get into one fight, but that was only because I started it. That is a whole different story.

My HSC years meant I had to do an extra year so I should have finished in 1999 with everyone else of my year, I had to stick around until 2000 as I had spread the units out like that as family and some teachers thought I would not be able to cope doing the full on HSC year so that’s what happened. I at first dropped maths and English to be picked up the next year. I had no intention doing maths in year 11 or 12 as I had failed maths in year 10. I did not care that I failed especially since I was already in the lowest classes anyway. After a week of not doing English, I had grown bored and wanted to be in the same class as all my mates again. I explained to the teacher in charge of my subjects as to why I did not want to leave English until the following year. It worked and I was back in English.

Being a senior meant you had plenty of freedom to do what you wanted and I was able to do that. My footwear during my years as a senior student consisted of steel capped work boots, so could have partially been why no one messed with me. We did not have to take part in sports days either. Sports carnivals we attended, but a whole day of not doing anything was reasonable. We could be first in line for the canteen and I did end up eating loads of potato pies especially when I thought they were the best I ever had. We did have free periods though they were study periods. The “Study Periods” were used well by doing everything except study. I do remember playing poker with a small group for money and play Quake on the computers with death matches. The computer rooms had internet and not filter at all so you could find any little goodie you wanted unless there was a teacher in the room of course.

I didn’t mind doing the whole extra year thing though I was in year 11 for one subject and the next was year 12 so that did become a pain in the butt half the time, but I did all the work required of me. There were oddities like fundraising for the year 12 formal that we had to do though I lived in a caravan park so could sell chocolates to the residents. I did that street by street even though I did not like doing it especially those who liked to wheel and deal. Another was slave for a day and I found I had trouble doing year 7 maths. At least the girl told me to check Bob = Back of Book. It’s something I always did look for as there are always answers. The dance teacher freaked when I entered the class as last time, I was there I had collapsed. What I had been doing was trying to make my face go red and I lost after ending up on my back. Oops. This time I did everything half-heartedly.

Once the year I was in graduated, I had to go back to a strange year. I had plenty of free periods and picked up a time filler in the form of biology through year 11. It was a very boring year and I kind of rebelled as everyone I hung out with had gone. No teachers were worried about me leaving the school grounds and I did see if I was included with that year, but found I was part of the whole thing, but not actually part of them. Thing was I did not like many of the people in that year. Being 18, I could write my own sick leave notes without it being a problem. I did last the entire year bored out of my skull, but at least I passed everything except for Biology. I wasn’t going to uni and my intentions were to get employment. I think I just missed all the people from the year before and I didn’t really make friends with the year I ended up being in. I could say quite a few were asshats and jackasses so I avoided instead.

The bane of everyone’s lives was the career advisor and she was not well liked at all. I found her advice to be unwelcome as I played the career game by choosing a career like IT and she would shoot you down. I knew she had people in tears and I couldn’t avoid her as she knew who I actually was. Not sure if she actually helped people at all.

Last of all were the TAFE courses we could do though I was rounded up to do them. I ended up in what I thought to be a Computer Aided Drawing class or CAD for short, but ended up being an art class. I had seen not one computer in the room and waited until after introductions before bolting for the door. I had no idea what to do with charcoal and the different shades of grey. I knew I was in trouble so left and never came back. I was able to get a refund, but the teacher wanted me to jump into another course and I refused even though I liked the idea of the deckhands license, but knots were not my thing. I was able to spend the rest of my HSC years without doing a course. I did think doing a CAD course could help towards employment, but that ship had sailed, when I had enough of the TAFE stuff.

Tip… You do not have to do maths if you don’t want to in your last years of high school, but seek advice from the person in charge first. It could be important, but might not be if you are not wanting to head to university.

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