Watch the language!!

Several days ago I was sent the message below; I will leave the email address out as it not part of the blog. I really do think communication should be a huge part of any organisation.

Hi everyone! I CAN Network have been collaborating with Coles’ Head Office in Melbourne about creating work immersion experiences for young people on the spectrum. As part of this we’re wanting to bring together a list of young people on the spectrum who have worked/ are working at Coles. Coles are wanting to develop a video of how young people on the spectrum are adding value to local stores. Please email me at if you can help.

Just reading the post fills me with a huge disappointment for an organisation who many have said is basically the bees knees. I hate to say it, but many organisations like this seem to have elitist, how brow attitudes and cannot communicate outside its chosen communities. Why am I saying this you ask? Anyone outside the autism / Asperger community would not have a clue what this spectrum is. These groups need to communicate for all people and not just a select few.

According to Wikipedia, A spectrum is.
A spectrum (plural spectra or spectrums) is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum. The word was first used scientifically within the field of optics to describe the rainbow of colors in visible light when separated using a prism.

So what are they talking about when the lay person who has no idea what this spectrum is? Are we talking about a spectrum of colours, a spectrum of wildflowers? Is it something to do with mathematics or some sort of science? The secret club wont tell you. I may know they are talking about Autism / Aspergers, but the people outside would have no idea at all.

This is the major problem and they should learn to communicate properly and it’s the same as treating adults like children. I do wonder if these people are really serious about helping the larger community or just have to make a lacklustre attempt and being the sloppiest groups ever to ride out of the shadows of Mordor. It interests me that many in the group use the prefix that shows they are in a secret club and if you do now bow to their expectations then you are not worthy of being known.

If Supermarkets and every other organisations like sporting clubs can communicate their desires to the rest of the world and use a brand then so can the littler organisations. I just find them lacking that little bam to get them moving along. Have a little care people when talking to others as we should be helping all people and not to show ourselves to be elitist fools who have problems saying boo to groups outside the select chosen community. If you say you are talking for me then I really do not think you would have any idea as I don’t believe you are talking for me, but at me. I do feel bad for the companies that want to work with these organisations as they maybe wanting something more professional until they see the above post and to me it is very unprofessional. I will say it again. Lift your game, show some respect and be proud of yourself by showing you are not a bunch of hillbillies.


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