Skills and skulls

When I was looking for work I needed to know what my skills are. This causes problems especially when no one has discussed what your skills are and you have no clue what so ever. Some jobs require you to fill out forms, which include outlining your skills. I know I have had difficulty with that part of the whole role playing game. It does become hard when you have no idea or that someone does not go through this type of stuff with you before. I tend to dive into that sort of stuff head first and make my own way through the whole scenario.

I believe today I could have the same problem trying to figure out half of those skills I do have, but I know several that would satisfy anyone. I believe that this list of essentials is what I do have and there would be more than I can think of in this blog

# Communication as I not only have a paying job that involves this, but also my volunteer work too. I could say that I have nearly 20 years of something like that with my over 10 years as a marine rescue volunteer and retail work too.

# Customer service is something that is the partner of communication and no matter the person; you still have to talk to them some time. Both the marine rescue and retail work have provided me with these necessary skills though you could say a high level of tolerance too.

I believe these two are the main essentials people need to get anywhere. It is something to learn, but not everyone can do this and can be very scary. I can only really remember these two type of skills though I do tend to have others not that I tend to think of them. Could be the whole monkey see and monkey do thing. I take it all in my stride as I find it all second nature. I could go looking for another job and still have no idea to what I am supposed to list. It seems to be a whole circle, but at least now I have more than 5 years experience in the retail sector. In a job advertisement with a museum part of the job requirements was actually what I was doing now. I do find something like this to be funny.

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