Woof, A dog’s tail

When mum and dad were looking at getting a dog after we had been looking after a workmates pooch for a week I was thinking that I would not have much to do with the animal as its nothing to do with me at all. The dog they were looking at was a rescue dog that was to be rehomed and they have gone to see the pooch to see if she was compatible. The dog happened to be called Jezabell and she was a fox terrier cross with something else. The story we have was that she had been on the streets and one place was Redfern in Sydney.

She took a little while to settle in, but she was no problem at all. At first she would go to the front door if she wanted to go out for a pee or any other business. We did have to work so leaving her at home was something we had to do and she never crewed books or made a mess. She waited for us to get home and then go for a walk where she would do her doggy business. When I had to head to work it was funny as she would be in the garage and I had to carry her inside as she would roll over showing her belly. These days she just watches me get ready instead of running out to follow me into the garage. She would swap beds too as once everyone else was up out of bed and I was still there she would scratch at my door. I ended up leaving the door open so she could jump up instead of me having to open the door in the mornings.

I never thought I would let someone let alone a dog into my life like she was companion of sorts where we would be together nearly all the time when we are home. She has wriggled her way into my heart and she does get plenty of attention from me. I take her for walks and she gets my attention each time she wants something like when we have food or her ball that she loves to run after. I have a feeling that Jez is good for me to have around though I think she gets more cuddles from me that anyone else has in a life time. I have no idea if I am more in touch with my feelings though I do seem to be able to read her body language. You know when she is happy and when she wants to play as she will sit panting away staring you down with what looks to be a big smile. It looks funny when it seems as though she is winking and if you wink back it’s like she will wink again.

We do not know what sort of trauma she had with other dogs as she is stand offish with many though people do keep asking if she is friendly and I always say no as I know what she might do. I think she does get jealous of women when they do come near me sometimes while walking her though I do not always hear her growl. She did not know how to swim before we got her and she did learn though took a while. It was funny and scary at the same time when she was thrown a ball in a pool and to turn around she would sink and come back up. No idea if she would still do this. She now loves the water and will go for a swim whenever she can get away with it. She refuses to wear a rain coat in the rain and will look at us pleading that she will not walk while wearing it. I would not call her a dumb dog as in her own way she is a smart little pooch that knows how to get her own way or tries to. I don’t know if I have changed, because of one little dog or I have become used to her presence.

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