Life between diagnosis and finding Aspergers

Life between diagnosis and finding Aspergers

I was diagnosed in 1995 around 15 years of age by Tony Attwood though I never met another person with aspergers until I was around 28. Some might say that is a long time and I just shrug that off by saying it is a good thing as it was well after I had gotten a job, done a bit of travel and volunteering. I did at the time when I first joined Facebook on a whim thinking that Aspergers was something rare until I found the many pages that were out there and there is likely a monster amount out there now. To be honest I had never given Aspergers any thought in the time period in between being diagnosed and finding Facebook. I only joined Facebook at the time as I had a high school reunion coming up. Now it seems to be part of my life like an extra finger. I have met some wonderful people on the spectrum after I joined the land of Facebook. Some I am still in contact with and others are far, far away out of mind and sight. Its been something like 20 years since I was diagnosed and that is in June I think. To me it is just another day.

When I had found other people who were like me I had found a world opening up to me though I still have no idea what all the fuss is all about. Half the time I still don’t think there is anything that is that significant as I am just myself and do what I want to do. No ideas if some people fall for the stereotypes within the community and spruik them. I seem to let other people do the talking for me as they tend to think I am the bees knees with all I do. I honestly do not think I am anything special as the label Aspergers is something that is usually the furtherest thing in my mind. Somehow I do think it is good that I don’t know how people think. I do not have much to do with the community at large, but I see what others do and that is enough for me. I still know the basics and if anyone mentions relationships I could be the guy you see running screaming in the other direction. That or fingers in the ears going Lalala. I am honestly satisfied in being partially known other. I am glad I have people I can talk to and not have to live to some sort of expectations and chat about stuff other than autism related stuff as half of what is mentioned fries my brain and things go ding dong in my head.

It was not until several years ago, well around 3 I think that I met up with my natural father who had been missing for over 20 years though would you call someone who knew where they were as missing? He got into contact through Facebook and we have been in contact since then. It was pretty funny as I had mentioned I have aspergers and he was talking to a medical team who were assisting him and that was actually something they were looking at. He was diagnosed though we have not really spoken about aspergers at all. It doesn’t bother me and I don’t know if he wants to find out any more than what he may have looked up. The only things we have spoken about was the magazine when there was one and the group I was part of. I do not want to pressure anyone about it at all. At least we do share something in common other than genetics.

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