A conversation I had with a friend several days ago about recording achievements did raise an eyebrow with me especially where I was offered a place on a radio show about having a chat to do with having Aspergers. I was told that they record every event they attend including their books and other stuff they do within the Autism Spectrum Condition world (ASC). I was told that I should record my own achievements in a resume though what I have really done is kind of ordinary compared to people who have their own radio show. I did look at my resume or CV if you are wondering and the last time it was updated was back in 2010 to list my employment with Coles. I don’t update my resume with other things like that as I do not have the Marine Rescue planted there with my 10 years as a volunteer or even the achievement that I got an award for an article I wrote for my family history magazine. Not that I have recorded the articles I have written for another magazine. I do see those as something everyone else can do too so might not be that spectacular.

The quote below is what happens to be on my current resume that a friend had put on. I liked it so it stays and may grab the person’s attention.
If you show me what you want me to do,
I will do it carefully and conscientiously:
I am reliable.

If you have a lot to do and are in a spot,
I will stay and help you:
I am loyal.

If you need to be in two places at once,
I will run errands for you:
I am trustworthy.

In honesty staying in a job for 10 years for myself is an achievement worthy of recording including volunteering. I don’t think about the rest as that is something for an employer to look up and if they Google me then they would find my blogs. That would tell them how my mind works so I would likely tell them though something I might deem no big deal is a huge deal to others. I am not dissing what others have achieved plenty either though sometimes by showing off stuff like that could become a hindrance to a future employer as all they want to know is if you can do the job.

There are some achievements that I have passed without anyone knowing especially after being told I would never complete them. One was I would never have the lung capacity to blow up a balloon, I won a competition and another would be never be able to swim the full length of a pool, I used to be able to do so. I believe I am just a quiet achiever who is happy not to record that sort of stuff though would likely forget all about it when bragging to other people. I think trying out being on a radio would be something I could challenge myself with and prove I can do it though I do think by expressing some opinions there might be pitchforks shaken in my direction. The future can hold many thing including changes for the better or worse. I do guess if I was working on a university degree that needed the achievements like aspergers stuff or my history articles I had written then I might record them, but they would be the furtherest things from my mind at the time. I will post this and see what other people think about recording what they have done and if it should be recorded? Would future employers be intimidated if they view such a file or would they know you would be an excellent employee? Would others within the autism / Asperger community be intimidated or see those achievements as a threat to themselves and how their world is perceived?

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