The Future

Many moons ago I had been worried about the future and what would happen especially when I was looking for work. I had wanted a job so that I could travel overseas. I think I have achieved quite a bit in those years between now and leaving school in 2000. Though I could say I left in 1999, but I did an extra year through the HSC. It was difficult, but I achieved it.

One of my goals was to become financially secure and I think that goal has just now come to pass with my work years in Coles. I take what they give me and have a reputation for being a hard worker and turning up on time though I do not speak much about what I do outside of uni or the marine rescue. The marine rescue was something I would do until I got a job and I liked it so much that I stayed and in fact longer than 10 years.

A goal that kinda went to the sideline was a book that I had been writing although a bit of Lord of the Rings meets vampires. I think that goal could be one day revived, but its not something I am concerned about as I am enjoying something else and that is my studies in the Bachelor degree in history. I do learn plenty of things that I had not thought about before. I did begin as not a very big history buff, but have found my calling in that respects and have met so many.

Something that I did ask to be part of that is the Aspergers group stuff is something I like doing, but I am not that big of an advocate like many that are out there. I am happy to do what I do though really I stay away from all the limelight and happy to help out others if I am asked. I don’t think that it is a huge deal to me, but many others are probably watching me and wondering what I could do to improve. Maybe I should be chatting with the many professionals out there and other advocates so they know what I am thinking in my big brain even if what I say is either wrong or right. Sometimes I do think the Aspergers stuff is shrinking while I tend to become more involved with other things like my work and study along with the marine rescue. Life takes you where it wants to take you and I will follow that slippery stream to see where it heads.

I will take any goals that come up in my path as not potholes or bumps, but as opportunities for improving myself for the better.

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