A new path, a new change for the better

Around two weeks ago I make a small but significant lifestyle change for the better. Some people may not see it in that light. I felt that it was time that I came off the Disability Support Pension and increase my base hours at work to 32 a week. I was offered the increase in working hours and I took my employers up on that offer as I thought it was time to step up to the challenge of not being accountable to anything that was Centrelink. I did know some of the details about what happens after I work beyond the threshold and I did wonder if I would get someone who was snarky. Turns out that the lady who served me was really nice and congratulated me on actually getting off the pension with my new amount of hours with my employers. I did leave with a smile as I was impressed with myself that I had proven to myself that I could hold down work and stay there for a certain length of time.

Getting off the pension had been a goal along with getting a vehicle, a job and with all that a girlfriend. That’s what I had thought a very long time ago. I do have the vehicle, but it costs less than a girlfriend so I am more happy with a vehicle to call my own. I had been told in the past that I do not need to work and that I could be happy on the pension. I found once I was working that I was happier and the money was way better than what I was getting on the pension. The money was good when it lasted and I was watching the changes within the government as I was at one point allowed overseas for 6 weeks and then it changed to 4 weeks. I did wonder what other changes were afoot and that I could be caught out if the great eye of Centrelink turned to me.

I am happy with my job and the long term prospects mean that I will save more money especially after I have paid my current bike off. I won’t be restricted by what I am allowed to do by the government and they are happy that I have gone on a journey of my own and I will see where that leads me. The future is full of possibilities. I felt if I was honest to Centrelink in its all-powerful welfareness then they would reward me by being really nice. I think it just comes down to how you come across to them and be upfront with everything that they do. I know they can play the harsh taskmaster and then there would be trouble as they can make people’s lives a misery.

I can say I will miss the little bit extra that I was receiving, but I now do not need to let them know what I am earning each fortnight or try and get family to sort out those details while I am overseas. I don’t actually personally know of many others who receive the pension that they have transitioned to fully paid employment while being cycled off the government payments. It is there as a backup for the next two years if my shift work decreases and that could happen. Now is the time for me to make myself financially secure in a big way and that will help towards the future. I do have my own little plans that I want to achieve.

Three cheers to the future!

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