Betrayal of trust

When is a betrayal of trust really a betrayal of trust? Is it when people copy your comments from posts you have made on public forums or when they are actually privately made on your own Facebook wall when you are supposedly meant to feel safe amongst friends? In this blog I will point out the gross misconduct from a so called friend who with their actions proved to be highly untrustworthy and have actually destroyed 3 relationships with their friends. I will call this person Pork Chop 1 as there is another one that works in tandem, who is Pork Chop 2. There is another that hovers around backing the two up by throwing their two cents worth in and that one is Pork Chop 3. I believe what their little campaign to justify their position is wrong where they shout down other peoples stands and then keep at it, but do not like it when others push at them. It does seem to be behaviours of a Narcissistic person or people as they do seem to talk about that topics a lot.

The whole event began several days ago, where two friends were arguing over a post about punishment. Well one was and the other person wasn’t catching onto the argument as they had been ganged up by the other person in the past who is Pork Chop 1 and the other one later as Pork Chop 2. The past event was about how some people cant look after their kids and the term breeders was used and Pork Chop 1 took offence in the usual way on Facebook, where Pork Chop 2 along with another Pork Chop 3 ganged up on the person. I remembered from that incident that PC1 would tell PC2 that there was a person for them to bully online on someone’s private wall. They don’t seem to care they can run amok on others walls, but do not allow people to do so on their own. I get a private message to say that PC1 does not like the person they bullied because they do not like their view and basically in words implying that I should terminate that friendship, but did not like it when I defended them.

I let it all slide as I know PC1 has been having problems with family. PC1 and PC2 were ranting because I posted some views on my private wall on Facebook and never liked it when I pointed one out to be a bully. Others agreed that the person was being a bully or should I say douche. A friend pointed out later on that a private post from my own wall had been snap shot and put on their wall without my consent as I knew exactly where it came from, but the names of the people had been rubbed out except for PC1’s. I call this a very big betrayal of trust as its from my wall and not from a group or page that has thousands of people. It makes you wonder about other betrayals of trust they have done and where your private messages end up through these so called people. I do know PC1 was asking me about why someone I will name as Butterfly Migration Lady didn’t seem to like them after a post about frogs. They copied the response of a private message from BML saying they do not seem sorry. I replied that I was not sure what was going on so it could be 50/50 since they could be busy at the time. Especially since I never asked BML about what was going on until later on.

From pointing out something like this from Pork Chop 1, they do make out they are a great science person, but if they are copying other people’s comments and posts from private pages then their entire science career should be disputed as I would wonder if Pork Chop 1 has copied their work from other sources and they do not like to be challenged on said work either. Who knows what they do especially when other people’s private stuff are copied and messages tend to go the same way.

Should we feel sorry for such people who seem to not to listen to reason when there is a calm voice in the eye of the storm. Should we give advice that they will all sorts of problems that they have at this moment in time that they should seek professional help? Should we trust their word when they obviously seem to take everything in their life on board and attack individuals with bile hateful words thinking they are justified by wrapping comforting comments around them while what they are doing are isolating people for their personal enjoyment so they have some gratification that will not last very long? My response if they do not deserve access to my wall and I have placed them on a restricted list where they cannot see any posts at all. I did send a private message to let them know they should seek professional help, but I will leave the ball in their court. I do however find it mildly amusing that they have taken something very insignificant as being a huge issue.

I will place a friend’s post about the same event so others can read up on what happened from another point of view.

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