Wackily stereotypes and why I wont join that Advocacy group

People always say they are stereotyped by regular people on the street, but the worst stereotypers are actually the ones on the spectrum. You might be wondering that the writer has rocks in his head for even thinking that at all. It was actually played at me by a ‘prominent’ Aspie in the community from Queensland, not the brightest of states. Though the state isnt what I am talking about at all. Once this guy knew I worked in a major Supermarket, I was informed that aspies don’t shop there as they prefer the other major supermarket chain. I shut him up pretty quickly when I told him that there had been no sensory problems working there.

People use the keywords ‘acceptance’, ‘all together’, etc, but they seem just as bad as the normal people they despise so much. Sometimes I do wonder if they get a rush of satisfaction putting people down. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen, but should be aired out in public to show the so called advocates what fools they really are. Not all of them are there for the people, but to puff up their over inflated egos and self-worth. The same people will tell you they do not like someone or say something is not autism friendly without elaborating only to find they ‘got’ their information from Facebook without doing their own research. Are people on the spectrum incapable of doing their own research anymore? Great stereotype by me right there.

Why I wont join that advocacy group!
(Constructive criticism alert)
There are some reasons why I have not got a membership with an Australian advocacy group though I think everyone can guess since I think I better not name it, but it has Australia and New Zealand in the name. I believe they really do not truly know the issues and I have seen the actions from one of the organisers that proved it is not a healthy place to be part of for a thinking person like me. I do believe one of the ladies is poisonously politically motivated leaning towards one side of government when they should be impartial and willing to listen or talk to both sides. One night I watched online within another page the woman attack someone else in the autism community that she did not agree with by telling the person they had no sources or anything in regards to a certain type of lenses in glasses to help people with autism. The other person calmly pointed out many sources and that there were in fact peer reviewed sources. I was impressed that the woman got a beat down due to that and I never seen them as a part of the page again.

On another post about a science paper looking at kids on the spectrum the post on the advocacy page shouted out that there was eugenics in Australian universities.. I really do not think the person understands what Eugenics is especially when I asked friends and they pointed out the person was wrong. So science is not their strong suit, but they are willing to think they can science. As Jessie from Breaking Bad said ‘Yeah, Science’ He could have said bitch too.

If this is how one person in that group acts then what about the rest of the contributors? They are in my view doing a half assed job especially if they are leading the community astray and should have a long hard think about what they are trying to achieve. Yes they may have issues that they know need to be sorted out. I just think what they do is half the time substandard although I don’t read any of their stuff. Many posts I tend to see is for the world wide audience and not the Australian public. I just go by the lady that is part of it all and her views, but shouldn’t use the organisation to further her political ideals that scare people and might not be correct at all.

If any of the issues related to me then I might join, but they do not interest me all that much though I don’t think they would welcome constructive criticism. I am no political animal and rather stay away from the people who seem to hold power in name only.

I guess if someone cant truly prove me wrong then I am all for it, but I am happy to be apart from it all and doing my own thing. I do have some respect for some of those in the community, but others I would just steer well clear of and there seem to be a few of those sorts around and they wont lend me my ears. I dont really trust the word of many as they have a great art in playing with the words and sending you down the wrong bunny hole that could be full of vipers.

3 thoughts on “Wackily stereotypes and why I wont join that Advocacy group

  1. I had no idea. If this is the one I am thinking about, I am most disappointed to hear. The USA main organisation is a decent one. Sad to hear this about the Australian and NZ branch. Sigh.


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