Primordial Soup labelling

A while back I was talking to some frioends online about going to see the optometrist about my eyes and mentioning that the detached retina I did have was being held together really well by the buckle.. The conversation went on and someone mentioned that the detached retina could be something to do with EDS otherwise known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome as it is supposedly common with aspies. This made me look it up to find it is a degenerative thing / tissue disorder and that there is a list of symptoms. While theories like this maybe helpful, in my case they really are not. I do not want more labels.

I don’t like to jumping to conclusions about my health and that I do not need yet another thing to label me with just like a can of soup. I believe it causes unnecessary worry and then you would think you really have something. I once had that from an eye specialist who said without looking at me, said that I had Keratoconus where you have vision problems that eventually make you vision impaired. A second opinion resulted in immediate surgery for a detached retina. A case of two different things occurring, one of which could have caused some pretty serious problems.

I don’t really talk to my doctor about aspergers other than a mention and that’s it. I talk about what I have bt giving the symptoms like I am sore here etc. I am not interested in the labels other than has learning difficulties. Everything else is just data or details. Some people would panic about being given a self diagnosis by a well meaning person, but leave it to the doctors who have the tools. Somehow I think some people want you diagnosed with something so that you can live on the DSP (disability pension) maybe.

If there must be labels then here are some of mine that I don’t discuss much if at all.
Immotile cilia Syndrome
No smell and taste
Hearing problems, was at one stage deaf.
Fragile X
Learning difficulties
Cant do maths
Used to suffer migraines as a kid
Long sighted and short sighted
Cant judge distances
Probably more things that I cant remember. Do I look like I want any more labels on something that just to me may not be helpful, but to others it might be really helpful like family. I think it just causes too much worry and life is as you live it. I do know I have a bloody thick medical file just on my lungs and god knows what it would be like for my normal files. I will label myself right here and now as human or just Brad.

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