Losing interest in Aspieland

There are times when you look at what is happening within the Autism / Asperger community and think to yourself that there is actually nothing there for you at all. I had this thought when some people posted about some Australian Advocacy group by saying its free to join. Sure its free, but what I have seen it just doesn’t do anything for me and I don’t think it represents those who are way outside of Aspieland. To be honest they end up on some tangent that I really do not understand. I could say I could try to understand, but I just drift away staying away from it all. I do feel people don’t think about anything outside of Aspergers or Autism nor understand that there are others who live in the wide, wide world. It seems too easy to get stuck in the quagmire that is acceptance and advocacy where people just don’t enjoy life anymore. There needs to be a balance of some sort.

Don’t get me wrong they are good for others who maybe need the help, but they do tend to overlook people just like every other group. I do give my time for a page that does that, but I am just happy to answer messages and post things that could be relevant. Outside of the online stuff I happen to have very little to do with any other aspie or autie that are out there. I tend to spend my time around regular people while on the job or volunteering so other aspies or Asperger / autism things rarely enter my thoughts.

People tend to think I know another aspie instead of understanding that I am one. They could think that I am selling myself out or ‘losing’ myself by hanging with all the regular people. I find that being around the so called regular people aka NT’s (Neurotypicals) to be a relief more so than hanging with other aspies as at least they have rules. I have no idea why people think they are the enemy, but they do appreciate me in my own lopsided way.

I will hang around on the outer fringes and keep doing what I have always done. Look and act confused when people in Aspieland use big words for something they get their knickers in a knot over. I will be happy sitting back with a beer and a decent book while plodding along with my studies. I could say many advocates out there don’t want to know those who are happy with their lives, but want to focus on all the negatives all the time so that they then get some treats of some sort. I am pretty sure the funding people always talk about is out there, but you would have to include themselves with other groups that can get the funding. I will cut the ramble through the brambles short. Don’t worry about me I was just thinking again at work where I could become directionless without a rudder to steer me around.

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