The time of year is coming when nearly everyone gets googly eyed over a day they call Valentines Day. The one day of the year that people’s brains implode and turn to mush where they have to go out and buy flowers preferably roses of some sort. It is also when everyone go on a date somewhere though there are always the people no one notices and those are the ones who are single and do their own thing. There does not seem to be a day for single people to embrace their differences, but are forced by society to watch on and then many within society has expectations where you have to have a partner like they are property of some sort. That was an experience I had with a family member who thought it would be fun to sign me up for some online dating page. I deleted it several weeks later and never looked back.

While I don’t receive anything for Valentines Day though I only once sent something off around 5 years ago to a girl I was dating via long distance though we have not spoken since parting ways. I did join the cult of Valentine to send something off and while it was a good deed that basically what it was. I don’t believe you have to spend one day a year doing something special for your other part as it should be all year round.

I once bolted from a Christmas dinner with a volunteer organisation I was with when the people I was with said they would like to introduce their daughter or granddaughter to me as I was stable and would likely set their loved one straight. I bolted right after dessert, but I don’t think the people realised I had gone. I do like my singledom even if I don’t have dates that often though you can picture moths flying around out of my wallet or elsewhere. It has been around 5 years now that I have been single though I do not mind that one bit as I feel it gives me freedom of movement to do what I want plus I tend to work weekends. I do however have a nice bike where I can have someone on the back to take for a ride and did find that to be nice when I took a friend for a spin last year.

This year think of those who are single and are happy. Don’t try to change them when they do not want to be changed or how society actually thinks you should be. Sure there are dating pages out there and some of them just seem to be after one thing and that is not about ticking those moths that fly out of your wallet. Sure there are nice people there, but if you must use a page like that just be careful and dont hand out money unless you absolutely must. If they claim to be local talk about local landmarks and that will catch the ones out who are not truthful.

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