Darkness within the autism world

There are times when you look just under the surface that you will find not all is well within the Autism world and there is an undercurrent of darkness that is lurking and waiting for someone to make the wrong move or post something so that they will tear down the person. I recently read a post about someone wanting to write about all the negatives of an advocate that is well known within the autism community. It just seems there are many out there that are not looking for advocacy at all, but some way to tear the work done down.

If you look hard enough there are thugs within the Autism community including some who show themselves to be prolific people online who are well known. There were some that a few years ago created a group called the Autism Blacklist to besmirch those who commented within a certain online Facebook group and on the posts. I only knew about being added to the blacklist page once someone told me about it. How it seemed to work was you commented on some post and then you ended up on it. The black list page then plants your name and comments that you are a supporter of some person who is an advocate of some sort. People are then encouraged to block the people listed and I had thought it was interesting that a kiwi had all of a sudden blocked me. I had never thought the autism community would stand for something like this and to me shows the dangerous side to the whole community. There are people out there that could really do themselves harm if they see something like this online and then the thugs play games like this.

To be honest with people like that and others that like to really push their opinions onto you by drowning out other voices online, I am beginning to wonder if it is actually really safe to have young people within the autism community. It could be a choice to raise others within the Neurotypical community so they understand how that works well before being introduced to anyone within the autism community until much older. I am not saying not to give them the material like from the researchers who write their books who are advocates as well. I can actually count around a handful of people that I would really trust for information especially when they have great advice and some would be counted as a group instead of individuals too. The groups I know of have resources and are located on the Sunshine Coast, Canberra, mid Victoria and Sydney. I am wary of the other advocacy groups as they just seem to be disjointed and run with a very strong political view. Those are just thoughts about the whole community in general and one way to protect others who we don’t want to see hurt.

It does seem there is more and more occurring that makes the whole community something to step away from and make yourself less well known. I am happy to just admin several pages and do my own thing even if it isnt part of the community at large. These are just some random thoughts that wouldn’t go very far regardless. I do wish many would get along regardless of what occurs and no need for tearing down all the work done by those who are prominant within the autism community.

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