Rosters to me are something that constantly changes regardless of what happens. I work part time and my work roster is like the sands of the desert, which is constantly moving. Money is a small motivator when asked if you want to work extra hours during the week or what does happen is you get the roster the week before and you then know what you are doing.

It does not bother me too much when I get a call asking me if I want to work and then to start within an hour. It doesn’t always work like that and sometimes in the past I have been shamed into working and if not worked on a day I was told that people were disappointed in me. I did have a legit excuse at the time though that is a story of an even that will be written about at a later date. I find having a roster is useful in organising my day like if I have a day off I can go for a ride. I do tend to expect the call asking me to go in though when I was a casual I tended to jump at the chance to get some extra in my pocket. I seem to have the reputation as a yes man though in saying yes you do tend to end up with the benefits of that. I have a reputation that shows that I am willing to work and those who are willing to work seem to get the extra work.

As a casual worker your roster is more like the tide as one week you could have 20 or so hours and the next week only around 3 hours for the whole week. One of the reasons why I wanted to become part time though I really didn’t want that at the time, but took it as it meant holidays too. The three hours in one week was not good and then I was charged $1 in tax. The worst part of being a casual person is the not knowing if you were going to be working the next week or what could happen. There have been times where I only had an hour to get to work though lucky for me I am within 10 mins ride from my workplace so I generally can get there pretty quickly. I was asked today if I wanted extra work and had to say that I was already at the limit. It is always good when people understand.

I have no idea what other people on the spectrum think about rosters to do with employment. Supposedly we are all meant to meltdown at the very sight if change. I doubt this is true though there are people out there that tend to push this issue a little too much. I seem to know many who are not fully employed at the moment though I don’t talk about employment with others that much at all.

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