Living in the Whitsundays Part 2, Cannonvale

After the nice weekend in the cabin of the caravan park though it was a little expensive, but I did think that it was worth the trouble of staying there instead of being stuck on the island with the possibility of being kicked off over the weekend. The case officer came with a ute and trailer to pick up my stuff. I had the choice of staying with some other guy or bunking down with a bunch of drunks somewhere as he had called them. I thought I had chosen wisely by going with the non drunk though I am not sure if I had made the right choice. I thought I was going to stay at the apartment block with the guy called Adam who had some muscular degenerate disease though he did seem really nice at first. He did own the unit and the great thing was that the complex was just across the road from the shopping centre and Centrelink too so you could go visit them for all your needs. I was asked by Adam if I wanted to sort out the rent assistant form though at the time I didn’t think I would really need to do so. I did say no to that at the time though I would change my mind a lot later on.

After leaving the island I found that I would now have a new case officer who was not based on the island, but in Airlie Beach. It was not that far of a walk at all. The new case officer was a woman and we discussed what we were going to do and I was going to get some help in getting some work though it was just after Christmas so that would be a little tough. I did have my own plans though I did get my computer sent up to me with several other boxes of stuff so I would be alright for the time being. I had thought I had found sort of a forever home area, but that was not to be the case. The road out of town takes me all the way out to Proserpine, which is the biggest town in the area.

Since it was January and I wanted a job I had said I would do some job hunting by handing out resumes like I had done while in Tweed. I handed out my resume around Cannonvale and Airlie Beach while on foot and I went to a few businesses as I wanted to get my name out there though I am not sure if the job agency were happy that I went off on my own to do this work. When I had mentioned that I was going to hand out resumes on Hamilton Island I did receive a text from the old case officer telling me that he was not my case officer so I cant apply for jobs on the island. Thing was I had not told him I was doing so and it was one of the other agents that told him. I went to the island regardless and did hand out several resumes though I basically went to the island and relaxed too. I did later find out from the person I was staying with that he had part shares in the job agency so it would explain why I was actually placed there and how word had gotten to the employment agency in regards to some of my actions. I think it might have explained some of the actions of the room mate too.

One of the good things about staying in the apartment block was that I could borrow my roommate’s bike as he had some trike as well so I could use the normal bike. The bike was actually the life blood in getting me around as I rode to many places in the area. One place I ended up took me a full day and I did run out of energy as I never took food with me at all and water ran out. A ride to Proserpine taught me that there were crocodiles in the rivers due to the signs I kept passing and the town was not very spectacular and looked very dry. I did ride to the ferry terminal that was actually a fair hike and the hills were hard to get up as the Whitsunday area is not actually flat at all. There was a time before I left the Whitsundays that I ran out of puff with going for a ride as I just did not want to be in the area anymore as it was pretty isolated. There was not much you could really do other than have a drink or two in the pub. I did find a decent second hand bookstore that I liked to visit and buy some books to read. I think that was the best part of the whole adventure.

The entire time I was at the apartment the roommate was becoming really snide with a few remarks to me as though he really did not believe any comments I had made and several comments were about the fact I was single as in ‘That’s why you do not have a girlfriend’. I had others including his brother who had the same condition as he did tell me that he had been really depressed before I came and that having myself there it would help him. I think I was getting down myself though it could have been a number of factors including that the room I was in was right next to the entrance so I had a light on all night. I did know Adam was spoken to by my case officer when he wanted to go to bed and just turned the TV off while I was watching it. The shopping we did together really did change as at the start we bought normal eggs from the supermarket and all of a sudden the eggs changed to being organic and more expensive eggs. It was little things like that that made me think I had to leave. The funniest even that occurred was the day I went to see a showing of Lord of the Rings with a school group and it would cost me $10 as the money went to the bus and the movie was being shown in Proserpine. He asked me if he could borrow some money to come along and I told him I had just enough money to take myself. It was funny to see the bottom lip go down. It was towards the end of my stay in Cannonvale that I spoke to my case officer about going to get some rent assistant through Centrelink as I thought I needed to. It got back to the roommate and he went off his tree and stormed over to Centrelink worried he would lose money as rent would be considered to be an income. I couldn’t really use the internet during this time either as whenever I asked he replied that he was waiting for a phone call or something else was going on especially since it was all dialup internet. One night I had to get some sleep before getting up to work and he was playing a computer game on the PlayStation with a friend present and I had to ask to turn the sound down though I tried ignoring it until it was well past midnight and closer to 1am in the morning. I wasn’t a happy camper and I did suspect the actions were to try and get rid of me.

It was not until February that I ended up with another job and this job was as a housekeeper for a local motel and would be a three month trial to see how I would go. At first I did not mind the job as I got a certain amount of hours a week and my basic job was to strip the rooms once the person had vacated them in the morning and the ladies would come and do the main cleaning and making of beds. I did help when they were stuck for time. There were incidents that had occurred that got me into a little bit of trouble though they were actually my fault and I would accept them as such though I can be pretty naive too. I filled a bag of laundry and thinking I would be smart instead of going down stairs I dropped a bag over the balcony with the words watch out below I was still able to hit my boss on the head by a bag of laundry and it did hurt her a little bit. Another one happened when I was chatting with the office ladies and asked if being casual I could just leave without notice and I was told yes. The boss tore strips off me when she heard about this and asked why I wouldn’t come to her. I explained that I wanted to know as I didn’t know. For some reason I was told I had to clean the motel manager’s car though I was paid extra for it, I had not been asked if I would like to do this little side job. Everyone just assumed I wanted to and I guess I really did not have a choice. During this time I was becoming really tired due to having a light outside my room that was on all night and I think that was the main problem to not getting much sleep at all. By the time my trial time was up I had been given my answer. Two days before the trial had finished, my case officer with myself present was told they my services were no longer needed. I was actually really happy about this as I did not love the job at all as everything was getting to me.

I did get to have a trip away for the weekend while working to visit Mackay where I spent the time walking around and having a look throughout the area. I do remember it being really hot and while staying in the pub the fan whenever it was moving would creak, making noises that sounded as though it would fly off. I have not heard another fan ever make the same amount of noise to keep you awake. I did want to get away for the weekend and I did though Mackay is not really that big and I was only gone for one full day. There were movies involved during the time away and I got to see some decent ones. Think I have learnt more about travel since then.

That night after being told I was fired from the job I had rang home to let them know and it was now the 2nd of May. I had been talking about leaving over the last few weeks as there was trouble with my room mate and I just wanted to be out. I thought it would not be until the June long weekend where I would be picked up and taken home. The biggest surprise as I think my parents were very worried about me sent dad up to the Whitsundays to pick me up along with my gear and drive home over the weekend. That night my roommate, Adam who was not at home as he was elsewhere and never returned until the next day. I was located by dad in the car and we were packing the last of my gear into the car and his response was why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? I replied that you were not home to tell. He wanted to give someone else the room and he was actually really bitter about me leaving. I was happy to be gone actually and I never heard from anyone up that way again. It was like I left so they just forgot about me. The trip home was long and took most of the night, but I did make it home back across the border.

The whole leaving the Whitsundays was actually really good for my health in one way. It was an eye test later that year that had me head to the hospital for a detached retina. It had occurred sometime in the past and the only time I was having problems with my eye was that it felt like something was in my eye while on Hamilton Island though I could not be certain. I think I was really lucky that going home meant I would get my eyes checked and sent off. There are likely parts that I cannot remember, but even though it seemed like I had a bad time I actually didn’t mind it too badly though I think I would have chosen a place without the roommate to live in. One thing about the Tweed I did miss was the waves at the beach as there were none up that way that I could see as the islands were a barrier and likely the reef was too.

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