To say or not to say.

A discussion in the lunch room the other day revolved around how I think about the things I do and my Supermarket Wars posts. The lunch room had several other people including my boss there as we were discussing some things and the topic resulted in talking about drugs. I was saying I was clean as a whistle though then asked how I think of the things I post on Facebook. I replied with, you mean like Supermarket Wars? The answer was Yes and I said I tend to think of them on the shop floor while working. My boss’ answer was that I am a geek. I think for all intents and purposes that is the correct answer instead of saying whimsically that I have Aspergers.
I was getting some strange looks from one girl when I spoke about communist prawns and explained they are red when you cook them. Then dragons say hello in aisle 4. The lady who had asked me about how I think about those said I thought the dragon was down aisle 10. I replied with it could very well be. To be honest I don’t think I need to actually say anything at all though it could have been a loaded question since the person knows who I am and that I do have Aspergers, but people forget too. Not that it bothers me if people forget as I just keep on trucking along.

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