Maths is something that we are told over and over again that it is vital to our everyday life. Some parts I agree especially in regards to money handling. I have always struggled with maths from Primary school to high school no matter what problem has been given to me. There are times within the Marine Rescue environment where we are given complex maths questions to answer though luckily I don’t have to do them unless I have to.

Maths to me is the most difficult subject I have ever done or likely ever to do. I just don’t like it and that does somewhat agree with me. No matter what I had been shown I just could not get the maths stuff. Sure I can do some of the times tables, but when that has been drummed into me enough times it just goes nowhere. I do remember in primary school where I was shown with matches and I think that did work. I do also remember being excited for scripture classes in school due to the fact we miss out on maths on Tuesdays. Scripture gave me warning bells that if you hear the voice of God then you are hearing voices and that is not a good thing.

I still struggled right into High school even when we had calculators that can help with complex problems. I did learn that you can use your fingers and rulers with numbers on them were a great help too and I used a 30cm rule each time we were not allowed to use a calculator. Somehow I think that missed the point of the lessons, which never suck and I was the one in one of the lower maths classes in my year. I really did not get the point when we had to start using Sin, Tan and Cos on the calculators as I didn’t get what they were used for. I think the teachers knew we were struggling no matter how much we tried. The weird thing about maths exams in year 10 were that they were multiple choice so that should have meant they were easier, right? Apparently not when I completely failed the exam with if I can remember rightly 35%. Down that way and I was most impressed when I was told I could drop maths for 11 and 12 especially when you heard from others that they were into the advanced mathematics that I never thought I would use.

Slave for a day in year 12 meant I had to be a slave for a girl in year 7 and one of the subjects was maths, scarily enough. Would you believe that I could not even do any maths at that level other than getting the answers from Bob. Bob means back of book and while I was able to get the answers I still couldn’t work it out when other did so. Give me maths problems today and you wont get answers from me unless I have a calculator. I still have not use the complex maths problems like sin, tan and cos in life ever. Sure if you were in construction you may do so, but I have never done that. The funny part is I study history, yet I do make sure my calculations are correct as I use calculators and I can work out change. It is better when you have access to cards these days so you don’t need to get cash out. I still don’t know my full times tables and am happy that way. I don’t need the added stress of trying to work it all out unless I really have to and even then I might give you the wrong answer nearly 90% of the time.

Maths is just not a part of my journey and there will always be others around that can help you with that. Do you want fries with that order too? I am just a maths blind person fully of mathematically literate. I do not see the struggle as that much of a problem at all.

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