Traveling Alone

When you travel alone there are many things you do have to watch out for including inside a hostel. I am not saying there will always be danger somewhere, but being a single person things do tend to occur that is out of your control or even unwelcome advances. Dont get me wrong I do love to travel on my own anywhere in the world though I am male, so it might mean I am less vulnerable than female travellers. The answer to this is I wouldn’t know. I do tend to wander around and end up lost and it is worse at night when you either have a small map or you don’t. I do become worried about places that are unfamiliar and there are what ifs especially when the darkness turns you around and in places like Paris the dark of 2am can worry you alot. I did end up wandering to another Metro station by accident and eventually found the hostel. I stayed elsewhere the next time I went to Paris. So far I have been lucky in my tips though I have had one unwelcome advance when another bloke tried to hit on me in my own hostel room as there were 6 other beds. We were not alone for a little while and this guy was annoying so I ignored him especially when he was all over me like a rash. He did want to go further once the other two backpackers escape the room as he was flirting with them too. I wanted to sleep and sat up, which seemed to be an invitation for a snog. I stopped him right there and said I am not like that and I have to be up early or a flight. This occurrence did shake me a little and could have been worse. I didn’t have to be nice about it, but I could have nipped it in the bud as soon as he acted fresh. Still at least nothing happened and with other people who knows what would have happened.

In the rest of my other situations I have kept an eye on everyone when I am wandering around, crossed the street when near drunk people, avoiding crowds and street buskers in the night and using other people as shields for anyone asking for money. I don’t dress for success as that will gather some to ask for money like when you are wearing decent clothes. Being overwhelmed by another country and their different cultures like Malaysia is an eye opener especially when you see them smoking at the airport and how they ride their scooters. That is loads of fun too. I would have to say make sure you are safe and your belongings are secure as you can carry a lock so you can lock your locker if the hostel has one in the room. Expect the unexpected and if it doesn’t feel right escape and find somewhere else to go or even speak up. I don’t expect to hook up with anyone while on my travels as I tend to ignore most people, but do happen to have a friendly chat about somethings like what to find in another location. I tend to let people I know think that I have met a woman overseas as they make the assumption, but I never correct them. What happens, happens though you get people in hostels in all forms of dress like when you stay in a mixed dorm as something is bound to happen.

There comes times when something happens that does work in your favour especially if you don’t make a big scene out of it. I have on several occasions been upgraded rooms as the room I was in had been overbooked or for the entire stay the room had been vacant since I was in a dorm. I do like that too though an unexpected person in the room does surprise especially when it should be expected. I have been to many different hostels in the one city just to see what they are like on each trip. I don’t like the ones joined to clubs as you can hear the people and the boom boom of music all night. I have found places that can be quiet too, but then the room mate snores like a freight train. Sometimes the less busy places are better as you may not come home with uninvited friends that maybe called Bedbugs. Those can be very nasty indeed.

Without having other people around while you are travelling, I tend to find it easier to eat on the run especially when you end up walking into a shop and buying something to eat and then walk off. I don’t mind eating in restaurants as I will take a book and read while I wait. You can eat what you want and no one will tell you off and it means you can eat to any time that you want to and not worry about others or even waiting for them. Aimless wandering is another part that I like to do and I can end up anywhere, which can be fun at times as you could become lost and then find your way around. I do use land marks during the day as I know what I am walking towards. No one is there to tell you not to go that way and there might be something interesting to find as well like a monument or some point of interest off the tourist map.

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