Roomie from Hell in a hostel 2013

While on holidays, I go for decent priced accommodation as that usually means I will stay in hostels due to their competitive prices. In New Zealand if I can I will stay in the YHA hostels, which are all linked and world wide. There usually are no major problems and I have visited the hostel in Auckland several times and have been upgraded when there have been over bookings.

I arrived at the hostel around midday only to be told I could only check in at 2pm, which I had no problem with. The plans I was wanting to follow up, I had to change since I couldn’t go running off. I went out and did some shopping as I was at the end of my long trip in New Zealand. I bought some books, had some lunch and even bought tickets to a theatre show, before heading to the hostel. I was able to checkin and found they had upgraded me to a two person room, which I found not to be a problem at all. Once in the room, I did observe that I was staying with another person and that person was a woman due to the toiletries that were sitting the shelf. There was a flash thought that I was in the wrong room, although I knew I was supposed to be where I am.

I did go back out as I wanted to get some things done before I had to have a shower and see a show called Wicked. I did have dinner before I emerged back at the hostel and the room was still vacant of a roommate. I was able to have a shower and was about to leave when an Asian lady passed me on the way out on the same floor. My curiosity got the best of me as I thought this could be who I termed my roomie later on. I thought it would be best to introduce myself before going to a show that could see me getting in late. The older lady was my ‘roomie’ and she was surprised to see me in the room. She didn’t like the fact I was sleeping in the room and asked me how long I was staying. I told her and she did say she thought I was in the wrong room. I said lets sort this out with reception as I am going down that way. We both spoke to reception and she said she had booked the room and that she thought another girl would be in there. They looked it up and said she had booked into a mixed room, so that would mean she would get anyone. I was asked if I had a problem with this and I said I did not, but found it interesting that a two bed dorm was mixed as it usually are the bigger dorms, but I like where I am at. They did say no one could move as the hostel was full that night. I was happy when I left for the show.

Once I had made my way back to the hostel after the show, I found my roomie to still be in the room. She asked me if I would like to swap rooms with her friend. I replied with, we would have to talk to reception before we are allowed to move as it would be their decision. I decided it would be better to visit the TV lounge for a little bit with my netbook, so that I could write my travel blog. The thought ran through my brain getting louder and louder that she would have visited the reception making some sort of story to get me kicked out or my stuff had been moved out. I went down to visit reception to explain what was happening. I was offered a room to myself and I said no as I didn’t want to play room tango while I am staying in Auckland as I had other stuff to do. I did ask if this would be anything to do with religion like not being able to stay with a man in the room. The guy on reception replied that she should have known especially since she is staying in a western country, which New Zealand is. Reassured I went back to the TV room as I didn’t exactly want to return to my room just yet.

I returned to the room within half hour and found my roomie had stripped her bed and was gone. Her belongings like her bag was still in the room, but she had vanished to her friends room. The room to myself that had been offered, I had actually gotten, but I knew she would be back. I thought I better inform the reception to keep them in the loop. They were all laughing and apologetic as well with the way the woman had been acting. I told them I was cool with it all. At least she didn’t get to see my Darth Vader boxers I was wearing. I did have a look at the luggage tag and I am not sure if she is from Malaysia or Thailand, but she did fly with Thai airline from Bangkok. It was a good night though as I didn’t hear her come back and I was long gone before she had returned. When I did return at the end of the day she did say hello before I went for my shower and then out for dinner. I did see her in her pyjamas before she took her bedding again to vanish to her friends room for the night. I was finding this to be really strange behaviour from a woman in a hostel full of people and I think she was sleeping on the floor too. As the beds are all single beds not that it was my problem at all.

The day that was her last staying in the room she entered in the morning not long after I had gotten up and was looking at the weather on my computer. She came in without a word and stripped the bed before leaving. I was on my way out for the day as I didn’t know what would happen when I returned. My return to the room made me think after I had seen the person’s bag and boot was to think my new roomie was a male. Turns out that I was dead wrong actually. The roomie was a pretty blonde lady from somewhere in Europe. In case you were wondering I never touched her in any sort of way. The room was just a place where we went to for sleep and she thought I would be worried about her hanging clothes up to dry in the room. I had smiled and said it didn’t worry me in the slightest. She did go out and didn’t return until the early hours of the morning, but that is all part of staying in a hostel and the last person I had in one room like this snored and I am happy that there was no snoring involved. I don’t know if some people expect some extra benefits from sleeping in the room with the fairer sex, but that isn’t me as you would have to throw hard objects at me. I think she did see the history type books that I had positioned on my bed and realised I could be harmless especially when a book was about trains in New Zealand. The adventures never stop when you end up in your room especially if the room is an 8 bed mixed dorm. I once had one woman in her underwear as in bra and pants talking to her friend, although I was reading a book. Later I was going to a show and she did mention that she would love someone to buy her one ticket to the show. I wasn’t sure if that was a hint on my behalf. I am usually oblivious to anything going on actually.

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