Rescue jobs from 2008

Being a marine rescue boat crew person you have to be ready for anything. There are times when volunteering can be boring and other times you are kept on your toes wondering what is going to happen next. Two job that i was involved with are listed below.

In 2008, i was called out to a job with the marine rescue. The job was a trawler taking on water. There were two people on the rescue boat, The skipper and me being the crew person. On board we had a water pump so that the trawler could hopefully pump the water out. We met up with the trawler near the Tweed bar and handed over the pump. The man was able to activate the pump and started extracting the water from inside the boat. We didnt need to do anything else other than escort him back to where he docks the boat. The funny thing was the job was shown on the news and the news channel had footage of us just behind the trawler. I was actually the one behind the wheel of the rescue boat, even though you couldn’t see who it was.

On the 14th of September there was a yacht race going past the area when one of the boats flipped over. Since it was my rostered day on as a crew i was one of the people who had to go out. The only boat we had available at the time was Point Danger 2, since the bigger one was out of commission due to a fault. The radio room gave us the co ordinates, which i put in since i was the watchkeeper.  The skipper and I were arguing over the co ordinates whether or not I put them in right. I said if not we are close enough. Turns out we are on the right track anyway although the yacht had drifted and had another yacht towing it. The location of the Yacht wasn’t hard to find due to the fact two news helicopters were flying overhead. The two helicopters returned home once we had the situation in control.

One of the crew from the stricken Yacht came aboard and he wanted us to flip the boat as everything was under the water including the mast. The man was very specific that we were not to even touch his yacht with ours or else it would shatter. He then proceded to tell our skipper that he wanted to get behind the wheel of our boat as he wanted to do the job.

Meanwhile one of the rescue boats from another squadron decided to turn up and we told them to go away as they were not needed and they were actually more of a hinderance than a help.

On our attempt to flip the Yacht the ropes we were using snapped. This was due to the fact that everything that was on the boat was actually holding it down and acting as a weight. In the end we opted for trying to tow the upsidedown yacht against the sea and the wind. Our speed 1 knot we were not going anywhere, especially since we had twin 140s. The decision was made to cut the yacht loose as it was slowing us down and it was quickly going dark. With the speed we were doing it would have been impossable to make it anywhere. The boat was cut loose and we took the co ordinates, so the owner could track the vessel and retrieve it at another time.

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