Holding Back

I recently had a post about a blog that I had posted somewhere. I will post the comment below and analyse it for its intent. I think the post is mostly drivel and trying to insult myself.

“The difficulty with this perspective is that it perpetuates the perception that it’s not good enough to “just be”, you must achieve and succeed above and beyond in spite of difficulties. Is this really beneficial for an autistic person? To feel as though you have to continually strive to meet the expectations of a world that isn’t prepared to accept you as you are? Currently for an autistic person to be considered “doing well” they must mimic the behaviours of an NT, and not just a normal NT, one who is successful even within that definition.”

The way I see that this is written is that the person thinks they know someone or even the creator of the blog. It makes me think that the person believe in holding back the person on the spectrum so that they have to rely on others including the government. I do have a huge problem with thinking like this. Do we really need resources to be stretched so thin because we have many people being stuck in a cycle and acting like the victim all the time. I think the person has no idea what they are talking about or just trying to put others down to their level.

I do see acceptance as working both ways and people need to understand something like that. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Yes I do understand we are all different and there are different needs and all that, but sometimes there is a need to gently push to see what happens.

I guess some people just want to see all autistics struggling and only want to see the bad side then they can have something to complain about so that they get the attention while no one writes books or achieve anything at all in life never to leave the house ever. A bleak statement, sure and maybe those people just want those who are successful or doing what they do in society to not be seen at all by the general public. Maybe ignorance on the autistic person along with their family members part should have everyone shut away with blinders. I don’t have answers, but people should be thanking others who are getting along with their lives instead of putting them down to their level.

One thought on “Holding Back

  1. Being happy for someone else’s success, while one is mired in one’s own struggle and perceived ‘lack,’ can be a monumental, and often impossible task. This happens to all humans, regardless, whether NT or ASC or whatever else. It is a life skill, in fact, that we all would benefit from learning. Some of us acquire it and have a better grasp of it, than others. Those who do, will find that life is that much happier! There will always be people who want to keep others down for myriad reasons – mostly out of jealousy, but sometimes added to that mix will come excuses for not trying to push themselves, not wanting to make the effort to reach beyond their own comfort zone, and even some who seek to manipulate and control. Whatever the reason behind the desire for one human to keep another human down, it cannot be a happy one for that only spawns bitterness and misery. I am glad you are stretching yourself and gaining so many life skills as a result, Brad! Bravo to you and I am very proud to be your friend!

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