Senseless on the spectrum

I was talking to someone several days ago about being on the autism spectrum, though I only have aspergers. Not that I see it as a real big deal while many others seem to. I did mention in my best opinion to why I might be able to handle things occurring in life better than others who are on the spectrum. For all intents and purposes the fact that I have no sense of smell and taste helps me. The other bit I mentioned was not hanging around with others on the spectrum either as I believed I would have picked up on their ideologies. Having no sense of smell and taste does prove to be both annoying and an advantage.

There does tend to be another worry about the other senses I have like hearing and sight, which could fall apart and vanish. The worry did happen with my eyesight not long after I had come home to the Gold Coast from working in the Whitsundays for several months as a housekeeper. The optometrist that I visited thought there was a problem with one of my eyes and referred me to a specialist. The specialist who upon never looking in my eyes, gladly said I had an eye disease that would send me blind. A second opinion found the doctor was very wrong, but I needed surgery instead for a detached retina. This was my first moment of realising I should have health insurance and money saved away just in case for medical emergencies. I did have the surgery, but it would take months before recovering and that I was not allowed to do anything strenuous like lifting heavy things up. I did end up with a silicon band around my eye. My eyes required new glasses which were prisms due to my eyes now being both long and short sighted. Double vision is so much fun as it plays havoc with your balance.

In my early years I did have hearing problems, which did require my adenoids out and they had actually gown back so they were taken twice. On several occasions I had to have grommets to help with my hearing. When I first had them I had been told that I was virtually deaf. According to family I was able to work my way round this by lip reading and deceiving people in thinking I could hear especially hearing specialists. If I remember correctly my age was under 5 years well before I moved to Australia at age 6. I cannot remember very much of this at all, but I do know I don’t have the full hearing and work does tend to deafen me a little with fridges running. Could be from listening to loud music too, but I can still hear what I want to hear though noise in crowds can be annoying and sometimes I have troubles hearing what people are saying. I do become annoying when I have wind going through my ears and someone is talking my response seems to always be yup, yup. Not the answer some people do like at all. You would think I would mainly write about the loss of my smell and taste from the start, but I thought giving the other senses a workout would be better.

I don’t miss something that I have never had, but that is part of life. I tend to go by what food looks like and if it doesn’t look good then I wont eat it at all. Some foods that I do not like my body has ways to tell me like I start feeling sick or actually get itchy behind an ear, which is an alert to let me know I should not eat what I am currently munching on or else someone would be wearing the food. Having no smell and taste is interesting as I cant smell things that are dead or other peoples body odour’s like if they don’t have a shower. I once went a week at a camp without showering and everything stank pretty bad not that I knew myself. When helping friends out on a caravan park I was standing in the path of a gas bottle being filled and I couldn’t smell it, but got a headache. Another time I was sweeping out a friends workshop as I was doing work experience for school and I had knocked a gas bottle while sweeping. They had noticed the gas and was lucky they had not light up a ciggie. I always take the good with the bad, but that is me I don’t let it worry me too much at all. I am more likely to tell people I have no smell or taste than about aspergers.

My reasoning is aspergers isnt what is going to restrict my job in any way, but the lack of smell and taste could turn out to be dangerous for myself and others. I have at work let people know that I have no access to the two senses and only really need help from others like if I was working for the butchers department or even the Fresh produce. I was once working for a chicken shop and I was serving up chicken mince for a customer for her pets. I did not know that the food was actually off. It wasn’t long before others had noticed this. Another example was I was in Paris and bought Steak Taretare and I never noticed that the meat was actually raw, but I was hungry and still ate it. There are foods that I do like to eat and actually crave like KFC, pies and fingerbuns. I do tend to eat just about anything though some things do seem pretty bland to me and sometimes I get food addictions like for chips. I can tell if something is different like if sugar has been added to the coffee, but this is just telling the difference between the texture and I get burnt from spicy hot foods. I will describe oysters and avocados as being the same texture wise and then they are green.

I do still get drunk when drinking alcohol, but it can be dangerous when I will drink the booze like water even though something like whiskey will burn the throat. I wouldn’t know if someone has spiked my drink either especially if they are trying to be funny. I do tend to use my smell and taste as an excuse for many thing and I ignore the fact that I have aspergers as something that I tend to advocate.

I do however have some food allergies that I get signals about especially if I eat too much of a certain thing. If something doesnt agree with me then I tend to get itchy behind the ear. If I keep eating that certain food then I will throw up. Everyone wondered why I would get sick when eating bananas. I tend to get ill from eating foods like a tuna bake or macaroni and cheese, which I will avoid. I am lactose intolerant, but if its all mixed with something else then the food seems to be alright. Other foods I have an allergy to is honey, tomatoes on occasions and fish, which is the same as the tomatoes. Sometimes too much of something is bad for me.

I think reminding people about my lack of senses is something I should advocate more to everyone than something like aspergers. Smell and taste is something that people take for granted and I have not had mine since birth and is something that cannot be fixed as there are damaged nerves in my brain or they may not have nerve ending, but I live life and I will still burn food. I can cook with no problems, but I make sure I do what I do properly or else I can make myself sick.

In the intimate department I cant smell a flower a lady would give me nor can I taste her when I kiss her. I cant tell if she has brushed her teeth or even had a shower that day before meeting me. So she could have any sort of perfume to attract me, but I would not notice she is wearing something expensive. Its not something I really worry about. Life is life and I will live it how I want to though there would be friends who help me out.At least if she burns the food she cooks I will eat it that is within reason and it is not charcoal. I think smell and taste would be something to further explore in this area, though the selective hearing might actually work

The most annoying phrase I get is: ‘If I put poo on your sandwich you cant taste it?’ This is true though I wouldn’t trust you again. Once on a dare I put a baitfish in my mouth and licked a wooden picnic table as proof I could as truth and dare. I do have to be careful with my senses because if I lose another one or two then I might be in some serious trouble and need to figure other things out.

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