The word normal to me has so many different meaning and some of the ones people keep spouting out is ‘Its a setting on a washing machine’. I think people are confusing normal with another word and that is conformity or even uniformity. People who are different seek to be viewed as being normal to those around them even though you do have to do something normal like breathing. If you don’t breath then that is not normal.

I have always been happy when called normal as I have proved that I can fake it with people and not show that I am utterly and totally different. Normal to me means you can work alongside people to reach a common goal. Conformity means you are like everyone else and copying them. A clone of what society thinks you are and then someone does something different. I am not talking about the laws that govern countries etc. I am talking about people doing what society thinks we should be by not showing personality like people wearing suits and then someone appears in a suit with different colours instead of being the same as others. I never wore laced up shoes at school like everyone else as I wore boots in my last few years of school. These were steel capped work boots and no one cared what they were so long as I turned up and did the work. I have been proud when people have said I thought you were normal as they did not think me as a washing machine, but someone who was always conforming to social norms.

You could still be the class clown or even joker and still be thought of as normal, but the clown is just doing what they do best and are just being different. Just think of the Pink Floyd song Another Brick in the Wall that is all about conforming to one standard and looking the same until you get bashed by walking hammers. There are many songs about conformity and I rather be seen as normal, yet different even when it looks like I am conforming to societies wishes. You will always at various times see someone who is different by what they drive or ride and even in their front yards.

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