My thoughts on Autism type memes

Personally to me many of the memes parents seem to like and share are insulting to someone who is an adult on the spectrum. I am not talking about the ones telling you what Autism means or comparing something like a tantrum and a meltdown. It’s the other ones floating around. People seem to forget the memes can be interchangeable with many kids who are not on the spectrum and I find those disturbing. I believe that some memes, parents share actually do damage to promoting autism or even autism acceptance. You may disagree though and I accept that.

Since I work in retail, specifically a supermarket, I find the one where it mentions getting dirty looks from people when your child is having a meltdown in a supermarket. I hate to break it to you as I am on the spectrum and if I see any kid screaming their lungs out whether it’s a tantrum, meltdown or plain upset, I will give you a dirty look. You may think you are so special, but in fact you could have been the 5th parent in the store within an hour with a screamer. You can literally hear them from one side of the store and you wonder why you get ‘looks’. Do you not think other people are just annoyed at yet another child screaming? The wails are brain piercing and then you don’t hear people after you have wandered off asking if there was a mute button. Sure I am on the spectrum and probably just shown my ignorance, but it does work both ways especially with the memes.

There are others out there that are annoying like someday I will be your boss. Apparently everyone on the spectrum will be in management. I do find that funny. I have been offered and I wont do anything like that at all. Not because its hard, but the long hours and the pressure and your ass is the one that is going to be booted the hardest. Does the meme explain that? No never and means you have to interact with clients, staff and other managers and could be over 40 hours a week.

I should leave it there as there are plenty out there to think about. I believe many do damage to awareness of autism especially when they invite people to belt the ignorant morons, but you cant wipe that from their chin nor explain. I just thought throwing my thoughts out there might bring me some love or hate. Are some parents damaging awareness, who knows, but they maybe should ask an adult especially if they post things making out their child is better than someone elses child because they have something that child doesn’t have.

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