Finding a different kind of Normal by Jeanette Purkis.

The book about Jeanette Purkis is different to many other stories I have read especially by those written by John Elder Robison and Rudy Simone. It is not because they are from America, but because she has written about her many hats that she has worn through her life and having major problems fitting into society in some way being an outcast especially with socialist ideas and a criminal past along with dabbling within the drug community. Jeanette writes about her experiences as she does along in each stage and what occurs during that time. While Jeanette doesn’t write about hints and tips like Rudy Simone in Aspergirls, but instead shows the darkness in her life especially denial of her diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome right up to when she finally accepts the diagnosis years later. The book is by no way the reflection of her entire life as it still continues onto today as her journey continues well past the final pages until today, where she continues to work within the Asperger / Autism community. The book itself is interesting and an easy read, not everyones cup of tea especially if they are looking for something inspirational from the beginning telling you how to live on the spectrum. People do forget that life is not all about Unicorns and rainbows for there is always the darkness hiding at the edges, where the dragons and goblins come out to play. I would be happy to read her other books when they come out as I would like to see the inner workings of a brilliant mind. The book does raise some questions for the reader especially when someone with a criminal record can travel overseas unless they have contacted the relevant parties. It would have been an interesting inclusion to show that part including how customs handled everything at the border. I know how tough it is trying to read any article written by Karl Marx as it isnt everyones cup of tea either. Hopefully the book brings about a greater understanding how some people require ridged structure in their lives especially when confronted with going to prison and that the system within the government does not always work and many people fall through the cracks no matter what they have been diagnosed with.

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