Facebooking people on the Autism spectrum. Awareness or unaware?

Facebook is a great medium to find old friends from the past like school mates, but also to meet new ones from all walks of life. My thoughts in this blog will tend to focus around those within the autism / Asperger community as they are interesting people, but I seem to see more activists than anything else or I did when I first joined the world of Facebook.

I tend to add people I know or have at least communicated with in the past in other groups I am in especially history though I have left many Asperger groups after troublemakers were around and doing their thing like if you commented on a certain post then you were placed on something known as the autism blacklist done by some really screwed up people. It was done by some keyboard warriors who felt like they had been slighted in some way and if you were on the list then people were supposed to block you. I do delete people after a while that I have not communicated with for a while. Recently one person did send a message after I had removed them 5 months earlier Asking me why we were not friends anymore. I did not reply to the message as I think the time period has meant quite a bit. I once had a family member who took 5 months to notice I had deleted him and it was only when someone else had pointed it out to them. I do wonder how those with 1,000+ friends keep in contact with them all or are they just wanting that number to feel good or point out they are spreading some ‘awareness’? I think I might be boring as I am not sharing ‘awareness’ stuff every second of my life, but I do have other things that do interest and I know I tend to spam people with posts, but try not to do so at all.

I became concerned about one lady who tagged me in several posts not long after we met online as she was joking so I spammed her wall back. She actually became pretty upset and angry that I had done so. She has kids who are on the autism spectrum and I realised people who think they know ‘awareness’ within the community, cannot dish it out themselves when it is placed in their laps. Does that mean people think they have all the patience in the world for their kids, but when an adult on the spectrum does something similar they have no patience for the adult at all.  It was an interesting insight though people do spout stuff, but cannot handle people outside of their circle. I think it should work both ways, but not be blind to others. I am not attacking people, but using an example by trying to analyse them through my thoughts. Do not get me wrong there are many wonderful people out there and I know some of them. I will keep this brief as possible and hopefully clear enough.

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