Book review of Aspergirls by Rudy Simone

The book Aspergirls I do find interesting and am impressed especially when Rudy leaves examples within each chapter from not only her own experience, but experiences from others she has spoken to as well. I think the book is well structured and provides advice for the parents and the aspergirls themselves. Rudy does link some of the research she has done, although I am used to a different reference system since I study a different discipline in Humanities, which is history. The book does provide a small list of references and resources along with websites. In hindsight I do think the reference list could be more extensive, but at least she has given a reference list, which could lead towards more research. I do wonder how many codes of ethics she does have for Aspies? Is there actually more somewhere that I have missed other than what she has listed?

The books is structured into chapters with different topics as the book goes along, although there could be several chapters or topics that could be seen amongst some as being a little controversial like when she talks about the gut and autism, but does also point out the little study she did do amongst other women wasn’t a scientific study. Other chapters talk about burning bridges, sex and puberty. I found the book enjoyable and would like to read her other books to see if she has thrown more about her life inside the pages. Some people might not agree with everything in the book or think that certain areas within does concern them as everyone is different with different ways of coping with their lives. Not all the advice is for everyone and if it doesn’t apply to yourself then that should be taken with a grain of salt. The book is not only great for the Aspergirl to read, but for parents as well to use as a resource in understanding what is occurring with their child. This is my first book that I have read concerning specifically women on the spectrum as many others basically speak about Aspergers itself and not the person / people who have it. Hopefully you will find it helpful reading especially when some professionals with experience in aspergers do happen to refer to the book during conferences especially on I attended recently.

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