When asked to smile no one tells you how to exactly smile. Does that mean you show a big toothy grin that looks really weird or is that just the lips together looking like you are smiling. Not all of us have the mouth where toothy grins are actually that good of a look and also how long are you supposed to smile for? When walking through the shops I do try to look unhappy especially when wearing sunnies and I was once asked why I wasn’t smiling then. My response was so no one stops me on the way out the back. Doesn’t always work though, but nearly always does.

I have been told on many occasions to smile especially at work. Though not by the boss as the smiling will impact on the aerodynamics of what I am doing, which means there could be a down draft and wind drag so that will decrease productivity. Then the world might self-implode after finding inner peace at its core. Though I do tend to do small smiles and my face hurts if I have to do huge grins for a while. I however seem to have many women smile at me quickly when I am working though could be when I am making eye contact or they are just being polite. Maybe they think I am checking them out, but the world is a mysterious place.

When I do smile however people think I am up to something devious, though that isn’t always the case, but people seem to know what I am like. Somehow they know I am no total innocent person only sometimes when I am clueless or asked questions like two minutes thirty seconds. That is a mystery to me and I suspect what someone was telling me was something that is wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Say no more! I do try not to smile in photos as I look weird and also it could show a little bit of mystery. Once when I had Bell’s palsy affecting half my face no one could tell as I don’t do huge toothy grins though that was something that I had to get sorted out after a week.

We are all different and we all do smile differently and some people do look really good when they smile showing their perfect teeth. Not all of us are like that. I know some people are happy not to be grinning ear to ear all the time. Not smiling seems to also mean you are not happy or excited about something especially as though you should be bouncing off the walls. Not smiling might mean something totally different if you were in the middle of sex, but then again you never know. You can still tell funny jokes and not smile though it is weird when you are in trouble for something you have not done and then smile saying you have not. I have no idea why that happens.

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