Earlier today I read something online how one person was intimidated by the success of another within the Autism community. The person who is successful had built up their empire if you would give it that word as they have written books and successfully employed where they have really gone from a rags to riches story. We do need stories like this to inspire others who are floundering in the community wondering what to do. By recognising some people others will become motivated though that is my thoughts anyway.

There are many people within the Autism / Asperger community that go along with their lives without getting recognition from the wider community. I know of people who created a website to help others who are on the spectrum and they also work with a local zoo by volunteering to look after the animals, There are others who volunteer for the emergency services myself included like down in Victoria with the rural fire brigade that battles huge fires. I only volunteer with the local marine rescue though don’t talk much about it. There are others out there that do other things like talk on community radio about all things autism as they or a family member are on the spectrum. I do know of others who are completing their PHDs, which is quite an achievement in itself. There are plenty of writers too out there that I know of all who are different.

By telling others that they are intimidated by those who are ‘successful’ then it would be a disservice to the many people who have achieved so much in their lives and basically tells people they are not worthy. Also the other unsung people doing their own thing are actually being put down too. We all had to come from somewhere and should spruik their achievements of others who are more vocal than the rest of us.

Last year I was recognised through work as a community hero through my volunteering with the marine rescue though I only won at the store level as I didn’t get very far when I went to the next level. That was due to my non ability to talk to large groups of people. One day I will learn this skill, but I am not too worried about it even though talking on the marine radio is different. I have listened to others on a radio station talk though that is a normal radio and they are naturals. I am happy to be one of the many unrecognised people within the autism community doing what I have to do knowing there are others out there doing a wonderful job.

Mid last year I went to a book launch in Mid Victoria where a friend was talking about her book. I knew several other people who were going to be there that lived in the town. I didn’t mind at all when someone had said they would love to meet up and then forgot about meeting up though I never reminded the guy at although I think it would have been awkward as he is a fire fighter. The book lady had appeared and everyone was drawn to her and I knew along with several others it was her time to shine in the limelight though I was asked if I had spoken to certain people and I did reply with they were not there to speak with me at all, but to be with the book writer. Still it was a good thing about someone getting the recognition they deserve. So don’t diss the people who are achieving something within the community, walk away knowing they are working hard for all.

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