Work, work it out

I have no problems with the people I work with and have not had any in the past. I do see posts from people saying they get annoyed with people talking in the tea room while they are trying to eat their lunch. I think in any workplace that will happen and you just have to go with the flow and include yourself into the debates or even talk about what politicians are like. You end up finding out quite alot about the people you work with. Some maybe divorced, have kids or something else. People do tend to play with their phones alot too.

Talking to people does mean information especially when you share common interests like movies. Though I do learn more about the inner workings of politics from some people who actually watch that sort of stuff and I was recommended to watch videos on Paul Keating as you get to see people shrink away from his barbs.

In the past I have learnt you have to talk or else you would end up with someone thinking you are married or live alone with many cats maybe. People are good at presuming things about you so its best if you say something from time to time. Though I do have a reputation in the workplace. The only person I had a problem with was a guy who played silly buggers on my bike, but that is all cool now.

Being a volunteer and in paid work means that both are big into communication as I am always in contact with members of the public. I do believe that helps me be socialised a bit even though I do give blunt answers and the reason usually is that I am trying to finish my work. I have never looked back as people now see me for being a hard worker.

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