Outsider looking in

This is the start of my blogs. I did have this idea while at work and thought going through WordPress might make my blogs look a big better as I tend to use the standard blogger page. I have been wondering what writing through here would be like. The name Outsider looking in is actually a little better as it really is true as I am like say Batman as he is an outsider who looks in like with the Justice League or even Spider-Man who throws jokes around, but is still the outsider no matter what group he is in.

A little about me:
I am in my early 30s and have been employed for the last 8 years through a supermarket, I volunteer with a marine rescue floatilla and have been there for 11 years on the rescue boats and radio room. I have on occasion done the odd sausage sizzle. I study history, currently a Bachelor degree that I hope to finish in around 4 years and a traveller to far off places like New Zealand.

I do see myself as an outsider within the Autism / Asperger community even though I have been diagnosed with Aspergers by Tony Attwood in 1995. I never met another aspie until I was in my late 20s and I am in my early 30s. I do think that works as I tend to get a glimpse of what others are like though I do not talk about Aspergers very much at all. People probably think I am always talking about this sort of thing in real life. In reality the word rarely registers with nearly everything I tend to do in life especially work and volunteer work too. I do find it refreshing meeting others on the spectrum, but don’t have to explain the different parts or traits or anything else. It is not something I really have explored.

Half the things people post or talk about do tend to confuse and I have no real opinion on things other than you shouldn’t wrap kids or people up in cotton wool in case they fail something and so on. Knowing there are radio stations that have short shows, which includes podcasts helps to get a little more of an understanding. I do think being an admin for an Australian page does wonders too though I really love that page like it is my own these days. It’s a reason to stick with Facebook and has made me some good friends.

I used to visit forums all the time on Facebook though they now tend to bore me or I find them too time consuming so I stay away. I keep being told about such and such where I tend to wonder who are they? I might keep quiet and see what happens observing the people like others that I know. I do like it when people do not think I am around, but I do think they forget about me or just leave me to my own devices. There seems to be a huge push with many in the community to throw up barriers for anyone that resembles a NT or Neurotypical person. That is someone who is not on the autism spectrum. I feel if I had those sorts of problems then I would never work in retail and chat with people as they are ‘NT’.

I should leave this thought trail here and pick up some time soon.

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